Today, the stage is her home

“My older sister and Mom were involved with Rainbow, always going to meetings, and I was curious. So when I turned 11, I was initiated and I loved it! Rainbow taught me confidence, public speaking, time management and responsibility. My favorite memory was traveling and being with friends. The quote, "Love made us friends, Rainbow made us sisters" is definitely true. My sister passed the traveling Grand Charity pin on to me, and my best friends served as Grand Worthy Advisor and Grand Officers – these were the same girls who later stood by me as Bridesmaids at my wedding.”

Shauna McLean Tompkins, Actress

"I learned a great deal about working with people, organization, and public speaking. The twenty-first century soft skills required for the workplace--collaborative ability and problem solving--were inherent in my home assembly. I was given the opportunity to take on a leadership role, and I learned a great deal that continues to help me in the work place."

"My favorite memories from Rainbow are definitely time spent with my mother, sister, and my dear friend Stacy. Traveling to meetings, sitting together at dinners, and staying up way too late on out-of-town trips...we shared so many laughs and memories. Those times are priceless...everytime we spend together today we share at least some reminiscence of our time together during those Rainbow years."

Georgeanne McLean Warnock, Associate Principal, R.L. Turner High School, CFBISD

"Rainbow taught me confidence, poise, the ability to speak in front of a group, kind expression, consideration of others, and most of all, to be thankful of the gifts God gave me and the many blessings that surround me."

"My favorite memories were the many friends I made…the sisterhood…and knowing I could turn to any of the girls or adults working with us with any questions I might have or any challenge I might face. I will always remember the times shared and all I learned."

Lynn Lary McLean, AIFD, Florist to the Presidents